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  • German Fine Wine’s wines NOW available in Hong Kong through our exclusive partner Margaret River Wines

  • Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake with all the best wishes for you and your loved ones !
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  • Join our Clemens Busch winemaker dinner on Friday, March 1st, 2013 in the Dragon Place, Kempinski Hotel Beijing

  • German Fine Wine joined the Benefit Programme of the German Chamber of Commerce in China – GCC members can now enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on our regular retail prices    

Welcome to German Fine Wine!

»We bring the world-renowned German Fine Rieslings from the ›Hometown of Riesling‹ to you. Try them and experience their unique pleasure.«

German Fine Wine GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the »Hometown of Riesling« in Germany to promote Fine Riesling wines from top German wineries internationally and in particular in China. We strive to enable Chinese consumers and wine lovers to appreciate and enjoy the best of German Fine Rieslings at fair prices by making those Riesling wines available in leading restaurants and hotels, bars and clubs, our specialist wine partners and directly from us. We are highly committed working closely with our partners to educate and promote the German Fine Riesling wines through regular wine tastings, seminars, wine information, wine and winemakers’ dinners as well as special events. German Fine Riesling shall stand for highly enjoyable, well-crafted, diverse, honest and elegant wines coming from the »Hometown of Riesling«. 

Fine, modern and elegant German Riesling wines have experienced a big boom with wine lovers, connoisseurs and consumers in many countries in recent years, in particular in New York and the US, UK and Scandinavia. They are much appreciated by top-class restaurants and chefs as well as sommeliers. German Fine Riesling wines are either dry or sweet, but in any case show a fruit-driven, fresh, mineral and elegant style and character combined with relatively low alcohol levels which makes them perfect for easy-drinking appreciation as well as an ideal match to many Chinese, Asian, Fusion and modern European dishes. 

German Fine Wine has exclusively selected eight leading, high-quality wineries from Germany as its partners for China. These wineries represent the top- and innovative end of German Fine Riesling wine producers across the three most important wine regions in Germany: Rheingau, Mosel and Pfalz. In addition to our Riesling wines, we complement those with selected German red wines and distinguished German Sparkling Wines produced according to the Méthode Traditionelle.


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