The radius, diameter, or circumference of a circle is given. Find the missing measures. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. r = 7.8 mm, d = ? , C = ? Question 1 options: d = 15.6 mm, C = 24.50 mm d = 15.6 mm, C = 49.01 mm d = 3.9 mm, C = 49.01 mm d = 3.9 mm, C = 24.50 mm

Accepted Solution

Answer: Second option: [tex]d = 15.6\ mm,\ C = 49.01\ mm[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: We can observe that the radius of the circle is given. This is: [tex]r = 7.8\ mm[/tex] And the missing measures are the diameter of the circle and the circumference. Since the diameter of a circle is twice the radius, we get that this is: [tex]d=2r\\\\d=2(7.8\ mm)\\\\d=15.6\ mm[/tex] To find the circumference of the circle, we can use this formula: [tex]C=2\pi r[/tex] Where "r" is the radius of the circle. Substituting the radius into the formula, we get: [tex]C=2\pi r\\\\C=2\pi (7.8\ mm)\\\\C=49.01\ mm[/tex]