The mean length of 6 childrens' big finger is 6.7cm.The mean length of 11 adults' big finger is 14.3cm.What is the mean length (rounded to 2 DP) of these 17 people's big finger? cm​

Accepted Solution

Answer:New mean length of these 17 people=11.62Step-by-step explanation:Step 1: Determine the total length of children's fingersL=l×nwhere;L=total length (cm)l=mean length (cm)n=number of childrenreplacing;L=6.7×6=40.2 cmThe total children's fingers length=40.2 cmStep 2: Determine the total length of adults fingerstotal length of adults fingers=mean length of adults fingers×number of adultswhere;mean length of adults=14.3number of adults=11replacing;total length of adults fingers=(14.3×11)=157.3 cmStep 3: Determine the new mean lengthnew mean length=total length of adults and children fingers/number of adults and childrenwhere;total length of adults and children fingers=157.3+40.2=197.5 cmnumber of adults and children=11+6=17replacing;new mean length=197.5/17=11.62