In a recent international sport competition, the top 3 countries— Country A, Country B, and Country C— won a total of 134 medals. Country B won 9 more medals than country C. Country A won 36 more medals than the total amount won by the other two. How many medals did each of the top three countries win?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Country A = 85, Country B = 29, Country C = 20Step-by-step explanation:A+B+C=134 ----- eq(1)B=C+9 ------------ eq(2)A=36+B+C ------ eq(3)By substituting eq(2) in eq(3), we get:A=36+C+9+CA=2C+45 ------- eq(4)Now substituting eq(2) & eq(4) in eq(1), we get2C+45+C+9+C=1344C+54=1344C=134-544C=80C=20Now putting the value of C in eq(2),B=20+9B=29Substituting the value of B & C in eq(1), we get:A+29+20=134A+49=134A=134-49A=85