An officer printer prints 25 photos in 12.5 minutes. A home printer prints 15 photos in 6 minutes. Which printer is faster, How many more photos can you print in 12 minutes using the faster printer?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:The home printer is faster.Step-by-step explanation:25 photos in 12.5 minutes12.5 is half of 25 and therefore this is a two to one ratio.So 2 photos print in 1 minute with the office printer.And 4 photos in 2 minutes(this is relevant later)The home printer prints 15 photos in 6 minutes. Since 15 is not divisible by 6 without a remainder divide both by 3.So 5 photos in 2 minutes. This is faster than the office printer.To find how many photos it would print in 12 more minutes, simply multiply 15 by two, since the minutes(6) was multiplied by 2 to get 12. This leaves you with an answer of 30 photos in 12 minutes